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About show the ghost of the robot's current posture

Hellow RoboDK teams,

How can I use the command "robot.ShowSequence()" to show the ghost of the robot's current posture?
I would appreciate your advice on the code.

Look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,

Keisuke Sakai
We just added the Reachability app to the Apps section of our GitHub repository. This RoboDK app shows an example to use the ShowSequence function to display reachable and unreachable poses. You can provide a list of robot poses or a list of robot joint values.

You can pass flags to control the colour and behavior of using ShowSequence. You'll also find this example here:

   # Force reset
   # Show reachable poses:
   robot.ShowSequence(reachable_poses,   Display_Default, timeout_reachable)
   # Show unreachable poses:
   robot.ShowSequence(unreachable_poses, Display_Red,     timeout_unreachable)

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