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About the MoveL(Target, Blocking=True) function

Hello RoboDK team,

I am asking here on behalf of our customer.

I have another question regarding FANUC's program output.
I would like to add MoveL as a robot program item within RoboDK's Python API.
The MoveL(Target, Blocking=True) function can be used at the moment.
However when using this function, I would like to directly enter the orthogonal coordinates xyzrzyz instead of associating a target.
Consequently, the joint information indicating the robot's possible positions would need to be passed on to the function as well.
Would it be possible to have aid on how this joint information could be passed on.

Best Regards,
Keisuke Sakai
You can give the MoveL your coordinates (XYZ rot) as a 4x4 matrix.

Quote:target (Mat, list of joints or Item

By the way, MoveLs do not respect robot configuration. 
Therefore, adding the joints values won't help. 

The robot configuration is dictated by the starting point configuration. 

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