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Accessing notes through the API

How can I get and set the content of a note through the C# API please?

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Hi Andy,

We just published a new version that allows you to customize the contents of the Notes using the HTML item parameter of the API. You can provide HTML code with styles inline.


Example using Python code:
from robolink import *
RDK = Robolink()

# Retrieve your notes item by name:
item = RDK.Item("Readme")

# You can also add a new notes item like this:
#item_ptr = RDK.Command("AddNotes","MyNotes")
#item = Item(RDK,item_ptr)

# Update the content:
notes = item.setParam("HTML", """<p>Sample HTML Text</p>
Custom list: <ol><li>First topic</li><li>Second topic</li></ol>
Large green dot:
<span style='font-size:40pt;color:#2f2;'>●</span>
<span style='background-color:green; color: black; font-size: 25pt;'>Highlighted large text in green</span>
<span style='font-size:40pt;color:green;'>Larger green text</span>
Empty &nbsp;&nbsp; spaces
A new line is treated like a &lt; br &gt; tag

# Retrieve the content of notes (HTML string)
html = item.setParam("HTML")
thanks (Y)

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