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Accurate Program Time Estimates


I have read other posts about using the RoboDK API to get accurate program cycle time estimates. From those discussions, I see that certain functions in the API do not account for pauses or speed/acceleration instruction changes.

My question pertains to the GUI. 

I have a depalletizing program accomplished in the method conveyed in RoboDK YouTube videos:


I then call these sub-programs via P_Main.
There are 32 depalletizing operations, so 32 loops of calls for P_Approach, P_Pick, P_Place. And due to the object being moved, there are numerous rounding and set speed/accel instructions.

When I double-click P_Main (To execute program simulation), I get wildly different estimates: from 22mins, to 10mins, to 6mins.

Is RoboDK capable of displaying accurate cycle times when program calls are done as such? Or should I try a different approach for cycle time feasibility studies? It isn't accurate for me to sum the P_Approach, P_Pick, and P_Place total cycle and then multiply by 32, because the total robot movements get longer as the depalletizing goes on. 

Thank you.

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