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Adaptive speed/constant time between points


Im working on a project where I want a kuka robot to move through a set of points. I also want the robot to reach those points at a specified time (and let roboDK calculate the desired speed). I already have a python script that loops over a set of points and moves the robot to those points. Now I need a way to calculate the desired speed between those points. Is there a way to achieve this with the python Api?

Hi Jelle,

I attached a sample project that can help you point in the right direction. This example first calculates estimated timings to move one KUKA robot along certain targets. These estimated timings are saved and then this robot together with 2 more robots run the same program in parallel matching those timings. The robot that is used to calculate the timings is the leading robot as it moves at the desired/targeted speed. The other robots need to adjust the speeds to desired match timings. 

You'll find a SyncMove function that makes sure that all robots wait for each other after each movement.

This example uses multiple Python files to easily create targets and then on file is used to execute the program in parallel. This video shows the concept:


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.rdk   Example-08.a-Synchronize 3 Robots with a Screen (Script matching timings).rdk (Size: 5.02 MB / Downloads: 727)

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