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Add C API Support for RoboDK_getItemList including item filter

Similar to the Python, C#, and C++ API's, it would be nice to have the C API for ItemList support a filter parameter.

For example: `void RoboDK_getItemList(struct RoboDK_t *inst, struct Item_t *itemlist, int32_t itemlist_maxsize, int32_t *itemlist_sizeout, enum eITEM_TYPE itemtype)` would be analagous to how the filter is implemented in the C API for RoboDK_getItem.

I currently have a workaround (creating an array of items by repeatedly getting a new one and checking validity), it's just quite a bit slower and messier to add items one-by-one to an array rather than getting an array of items directly from the API.

I know that just using the C++ API is preferred, but the dependency on Qt is too onerous in this case.
We just added a new version of ItemList that includes the filter option. Thank you for your suggestion. You can find the latest version of the RoboDK API for C here:

This is the new function:
void RoboDK_getItemListFilter(struct RoboDK_t *inst, const int32_t filter, struct Item_t *itemlist, int32_t itemlist_maxsize, int32_t *itemlist_sizeout);
We also improved the previous ItemList and it should now be slightly faster.
Thanks, Albert!

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