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Add and adjust different view.

Hi guys,
Sometimes when I use plug-in from 3rd party application,  like SolidWorks or ALPHACAM, I need to look on details in different type of view. For that I mean, that if I use isometric view in ALPHACAM it's different than in RoboDK. I think, add and adjust view in RoboDK, will be a good feature.

PS. If you have any advice how to use different view easier, I will appreciate.

Best regards,
Hi Piotr,

Maybe there's already something to help you with that.
"Tools"->"App List"->Activate "Change view"
This way you can pre-record views and either Move (slow motion) or Go (Auto motion) to a specific view.

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Thanks for reply. I think in some way that will solve problem.

Best regards,

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