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Adding points on a curve from SolidWorks

I have a question regarding the RoboDk plugin for SolidWorks. I was using the plugin to generate a path along a cylinder. The attached screenshot shows an example of the point cloud that I was working with to generate my path. At each of the points in the cloud, I need to fire off logic on the robot to adjust robot speed. As far as I can tell, I would need to select each point individually in the order of the path in order to make the plugin generate the path correctly. Generating the path using just the end points of each long pass worked great but did not give me the points I needed to control our process. I can see that there are options to fire off logic inside the follow project but I don't have the points in the location that I need them. Is it possible to have the plugin generate a specific number of points between two endpoints? If not, is there a way to work with the path using the API? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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