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Adjusting track length of existing track in Robot Library

Hey, i'm new to the program and would like some help.

The robot library in RoboDK features the track that I need, an ABB IRBT 6004 track. The only problem is it comes in 20m or 3.5m. Our track length is 10m.

I would assume there's a way to change the track length to 10m. What would be the best way of doing this?

Hi there,

If you own a professional license, you can send us an email and we will be happy to add this new track to our online library.

Otherwise, you can go on the ABB website, download the 3D model of your track and add it using the build mechanism tool inside RDK (Utilities -> Model Mechanism or Robot) then use the "1 linear axis".

Have a great day.
Quick fix was to go into the robot parameters of the track and change the joint max setting to 10000. 

Now the track only travels from 0 to 10m (although visually the track is still 20m long).
That's also a solution.
Have a great day.

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