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Advice for beginners in Robotics

Hello all,
I would appreciate it so much if anyone and everyone could help me out.
I have a passion for robotics. I spend my time reading on stuff related. I'm pretty good with the theory aspect, and I've gotten an admission for MSc Robotics and smart technologies in England. And I have a BSc Software Engineering degree.
I don't know where to start from as I want to start building and programming robots. If you all can share some tips? Should I jump into using arduinos? What simulator do you recommend for beginners? Any youtube pages that will help?
I'd appreciate any input at all. Thank you.
I might be a bit biased but the best industrial robots simulator is RoboDK.  You can simulate and program robots from over 50 different brands.

Have you had the chance to test it? You can get access to a free trial at our download page:

You can get started pretty quickly by following our getting started guide here:

Also, the tutorials on our YouTube Channel can help.

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