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Aerotech Aerobasic post-processing script
Hi Drstranger,

I think that JFCh would be better placed to confirm that it works (or not) with Aerobasic, but looking at the file he joined to its second post on this thread, we are not expecting any G0/G1/G2, etc.
We are expecting Gcode equivalent like G1 => LINEAR.

If there are some things that need modifications, we will be more than happy to help JFCh (or you if you possess a A3200 controller) with these modifications.
Looking at the code, I think that MoveJ (G0) should be translated into "RAPID" and not into "JOINTS" as it is at the moment.

I'll be waiting for JFCh input on this one.
Have a great day and always happy to have a talk with you guys in order to improve our product.

Hi all,

So from my understanding, most G-code codes like G1 are compatible as well as the Aerobasic codes like LINEAR. Some stuff like I/O and M-codes commands need to be implemented obviously. I have yet to try them out.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jeremy and Albert,

I was wondering : is there a driver available for the Aerotech Gantry system for online simulation or is it only possible to control the aerotech via offline simulation?

Thank you,


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