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Affordable CAD/CAM Software

Hi all,

I am fairly new at this.
Im using a Motoman with an NX100 Controller primarily for plasma cutting and milling.

Are there affordable CAD/CAM programs available that work well with RoboDK and are fairly easy to use?

Hi Ratfink,

We don't recommend a specific CAD/CAM software in particular. You should be able to use any CAD/CAM software. The plugins may help you facilitate the export task but you are not limited to only the plugins we provide. There are many good options. There are also different pricing options. I would recommend you to try a few and make sure you can export NC code (such as ATP or Gcode) that you can import in RoboDK. Let us know if you have issues with a specific CAD/CAM software and we can help you.

Someone asked a similar question here:


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