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Again on Robotiq-2F85 Gripper

Hello everybody, 
I am asking again a topic that doesn't seem to be solved clearly.
I would like to open and close a Robotiq gripper on a real UR robot, through RoboDk.
I am apparently using the right postprocessor and everything works properly if I open and close the gripper locally.
When I connect to the robot via RoboDk, all the moves are correct, but I can't use the gripper.
I use the instruction call: robot.RunInstruction('RQ_2FG_Close', INSTRUCTION_CALL_PROGRAM)
I wonder why is it so complicated (it looks like all the other users with the same issue are struggling with this),
when there is a postprocessor installed and when it should be pretty straightforward with a function like rq_open() and rq_close() (this is what we normally ask to grippers)

Did someone else solved this, could you help me with this? 
Thank you!

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