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Alphacam pluggin CAM path error

Hi to everyone!
I found a mistake on the RoboDK/Alpha combo. When I program a arc ramp on Alphacam like the image nr1,2

Next, I export the CAM to RoboDK using the plugin. The arc has not the right orientation. See the image 3.

I open the CNC file manually in Robodk and the helix path is correctly imported. See the image 4.

Thanks guys and keep rocking with RoboDK.

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Did you update RoboDK on the Alphacam's robot integration?

Or maybe you tried a custom integration?

In any case, you can change this setting here:
Tools-Options-CAM-Invert arcs automatically (check this option)
Like the Albert said, check the option "Invert arcs automatically" in CAM options, it will resolve this problem. If you will have more problem with that integration feel free to ask me. I already using that module and found some bugs. I think ALPHACAM will solve these bug in new realese but if you want to fix some problems right now I can share with you some of my knowlage about "Robot Integration" module. :)

Best regards,

Thank you very much, all work

Best regards

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