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Any speed limitation?

I am considering RoboDK to control KUKA KR60HA and have a couple of questions. Thanks in advance! 
1) Is it supported? I found the KR60 library, but just to make sure.
2) Could there be any limitations of controlling the KUKA using RoboDK vs native control? e.g. speed or motion
Hi Jkim,

1 - Yes, you should be able to use your KR60 and RoboDK together.

2- There shouldn't be any limitations there. But just to clarify, do you mean using RoboDK to generate robot program (.src in the case of KUKA) or to control it remotely from RoboDK?

Have a great day.
Hi Jeremy, Thanks for answering my questions. Regarding #2, both use cases are applicable to me. This is very important to know the limitation before investing a lot with RoboDK. 

Hi Jung,

I understand.
You should be able to run the Kuka robot from RDK without any problems.


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