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Approximated points, is it possible?

Hello guys, I am new on RoboDK but not on robot programming/simulation.

I am wondering if it's possible to simulate aproximated points in RoboDK (Cont in KUKA, Zone in ABB).

Like P2 in the following picture:
[Image: approximated-move.png]

I ran some example cells to see if I can find an aproximated point. But with no success.

I've been using RoboDK for this day only, have accomplished most of the YT's tutorials and quickly researched the RoboDK documentation, but with no success neither.

I hope there is a macro or maybe I am missing something.

Thank you guys.
Hi eKoh95, 

There are two ways of adding approximation points in RoboDK. 

If you create a program, you can use the "Set rounding" instruction. 
See picture below. 

If you are using a Machining or Curve follow project, you can go in "Program Events" and activate the "Rounding" option. 
See picture below. 

Note that you won't see any difference in the RoboDK environment. Those "roundings" will be added, via the post processor, to the final script that you will send to the robot. Then it will be managed by the robot controller. 

Have a great day. 

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