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Assembly from SolidWorks to RoboDK


I'm trying to import an assembly from SolidWorks into RoboDK,
but when I bring it in RoboDK the pieces are not coupled together in the correct way.

- I save the solid work files with the stl format
- then i import stl files in RoboDK, but they are not coupled together correctly

How can I make sure that the pieces are coupled together correctly?

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Hi Jaski,

This is simply because both parts of your assembly do not have a common origin (the parts, not the assembly).
In this case, you can either:
- Modify the origin of your part in your CAD software.
- Modify the origin of your part in RoboDK. To do so, double click the part, your object panel will appear. Click "More options" and use the "trans XYZ and rot XYZ" to modify the origin of the part. When you are done, click "Apply modifications".

Have a great day.

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