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Assign E1 Value to Multiple Targets


For our applications, the E1 serves as a 7th axis rail for our systems, therefore it is an important parameter for our programming.

Currently, the only way to edit or assign the rail location is to manually set the robot and then teach a point at the respective rail location, or to manually overwrite the value in the options field of the target.

It would be great if there was a feature that would allow you to select multiple targets and be able to overwrite the E1 value to all of them, similar to the "Rename Group" feature for targets.

Another feature that would be great with respect to the E1 values, is being able to import CSV data that includes E1 parameters. My team and I have developed various Python scripts to attempt this, but have not been successful since the E1 value is attributed to the joint values, not the "children" of the target. We have written a few Python scripts that are able to rotate, shift, and translate target data, so we are aware of how to manipulate the "children" data of the targets, but this method does not work for importing or overwriting E1.

Thank you.

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