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Attach an object to an axis
Good morning.
I would like to attach an object to an axis (arm) of the robot.
Suppose that I need to put a small box fixed in the axis 4. This box should move along with the axis 4, to allow me to check collisions.
Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Mario,

Yes, it's possible, here's the method to do so.

1 - Import the object to add to the robot.
2 - Import the robot to the station
3 - Press "Alt"+"Shift"+"Ctrl"+"G" to enter developer mode (the letter is "D" instead of "G" on older version of RDK)
4 - Right-click the robot and select "Modify robot". That will open a window for custom robot building (keep it on the side, don't close it) and create a copy of the robot on the side.
5 - Position your object where you want on the robot copy.
6 - In your station tree, convert the parts of the robot to object (one by one, right-click -> "Convert to object")
7 - Select the object and the robot joint it's attached to, right-click -> "Merge"
8 - Bring back the custom robot window, make sure that all the parts of the robot are listed properly and click update.
9 - Test the newly created robot.

Hi Jeremy.
It works properly.

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