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Auto Save Feature


unfortunately I lost over 2 hours of work today due to a crash of RoboDK. So my suggestion would be an automatic save feature which saves the station every 10 or 15 minutes in case someone forgets to save manually.

Thank you
I'm sorry to hear you lost hours of work because of a crash. Let us know if you have a sample RDK project you can share and how to reproduce it. We can investigate further.

There is an automatic save option but it needs to be enabled here:
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Check the Auto backup option
Ah thanks for the info. I will turn that option on now :)
I dont have the state of the station anymore where the crash occured but I think the problem which caused the crash was the following:
I had 2 programs with the exact same name. That was a mistake by me and I realized it seconds before the crash :D. I tried to call one of these programs with another program and RoboDK maybe got confused which program to run but I dont know for sure.
Also the station Im working on is really big. I have over 150 objects loaded in and about the same amount of curve follow projects and programs.
But RoboDK works really well. This was the first crash I had so far.
Thank you for your feedback! It could have been an infinite recursive call that provoked the crash. I believe we once fixed a bug related to this type of usage but we'll investigate further.

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