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BEST CAD/CAM for Plasma Cutting

Hi everyone.

I need some help figuring out what cad/cam, ir either or, or both I can use for plasma cutting?

I have a SprutCam license however at this point I think its easier to learn Sumerian or Martian language while doing underwater basket weaving...

Isnt there software that is mildly self intuitive that I dont need to learn another programming language.  Its not like im stupid... Im a web developer and write complex SQL Server scripts... But I am not impressed with SprutCam.. I cant even draw a simple square or circle with dimensions... More wasted time and money I guess..

I just need something fast and fairly easy so I can get some work done.  Can anyone please provide some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
It is not straightforward to recommend a CAD/CAM software package. Each CAD/CAM software has advantages and disadvantages. With RoboDK we try to support any generic G-code/NC/APT machine code so you can use a robot like a CNC for robot machining.

I understand your frustration with your current solution and I do share with you that some software is not easy to work with. We had a similar discussion here:

This is the updated the list of the CAD/CAM software we have plugins for:
  1. Autodesk Fusion 360 (great subscription option if you don't need advanced 5 axis milling)
  2. Autodesk Inventor
  3. Autodesk FeatureCAM
  4. MecSoft RhinoCAM
  5. Siemens SolidEdge
  6. BobCAD/CAM (coming very soon)
  7. OpenMind HyperMill (coming very soon)
  8. Alphacam (plugin sold by Vero Software/Hexagon)
  9. WorkNC (plugin sold by Vero Software/Hexagon)
  10. Mastercam
  11. Rhinoceros (Rhino is CAD but has plugins for CAM such as RhinoCAM or Madcam)
  12. SolidWorks
  13. TopSolid (plugin sold by Missler Software)
But I insist, you can still use other CAD/CAM software that we don't have plugins for. We support standard formats such as STEP/IGES/STL for 3D models and NC/G-Code/APT for robot machining projects.
Is a Sprutcam pliugin coming in the near future?
We currently don't have a plugin for Sprutcam, however, you should be able to load NC files in RoboDK to create a robot machining project.

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