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Base Reference in the BuildMechanism function

I would like to know if there is a way to set the Base Reference in the BuildMechanism() function? 
With the UI we can set the Base Reference we want, but I didn't find the way to set it with the API using BuildMechanism().



Best regards,


The parameter 'Base' is the base reference frame. The example right below the definition, explains it.


new_robot = RDK.BuildMechanism(MAKE_ROBOT_6DOF, list_objects, parameters, joints_build, joints_home, joints_senses, lower_limits, upper_limits, base_pose, tool_pose, robot_name)

Let me know if you have further questions.
Hello Vineet,

Thanks for your answer, I thought the parameter 'Base' was the 'Base shift' in the UI of Build Mechanism. But if it's actually the Base Reference, which one is the parameter of 'Base shift' in the BuildMechanism() function? 


Hello Yohan,

You are correct, its indeed the base shift. We will change our documentation to avoid confusion.
My guess is that the object frame of the base object is taken as the Base Reference. I will clarify this and get back to you.
It is not possible to specify the base frame of your 3D models using the API the same way you do with the UI. However, you can move the origin of your objects to your reference before calling BuildMechanism using the function setParentStatic.

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