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Batch rotating STL objects on a cell

Hi all,

I've received a cell, in STL format. This cell is composed by 759 stl files.

At first, I just imported all files on a blank RDK project. The cell was imported ok, all components properly attached. But I had one problem: the cell came rotated 90 degrees on X axis and also on Z axis, related to RDK "frame zero".

I've searched the docs and the forum, but didn't find any way to rotate everything at same time. Only individual components, one by one.

So, I've found the merge option, and merged all 759 components on a one single object. This way, I could rotate everything at once.

But I didn't need all components, and I want to delete some. And here comes the second problem. When I split the merged cell in its original components, the objects became - and I don't know if this is the right way to say it - shattered.

I've tried the option Convert to Object, but when I do this, RDK shutdown itself.

So, I have two questions:

a) is there any way to import a bunch of 3D files on a determined reference or frame?
b) If not, is there a way to rotate everything after, without merge them all?

I'm using RoboDK 4.0.1 and Ubuntu 16.04.

On Monday I will try this on a Windows 7 machine, running the same version of RoboDK, but if someone has any tips now, I would appreciate.
Hi there,

Can you share the file?
I'm curious to see exactly what happens.

Generally the imported part shouldn't slit itself in different files, this is the point I want to investigate.
One thing that you could do in this situation is to import your part in a reference frame and rotate that reference frame.

If the STL file is IP sensitive, let me know, I'll give you my email address.
Have a great day.
Hi, Jeremy.

Unfortunately, I can't share the files here. I will PM You.
Hi there,

I took a look at your file.
First, I never saw anyone with a station split like this one.
It was really 759 different little stl files. Very surprising.

You have 2 options here:
1 - If you want to keep them separated:
a. Import the files.
b. Create a reference frame.
c. Select all the files (Select the first one -> Shift + select the last one).
d. Right click -> "Change support" -> "Frame 1"
e. Rotate the frame in the wanted orientation, all the parts should now follow it.

2 - I you want them merges:
a. Import the files.
b. Remove the unwanted files.
c. Merge the files.
d. Modify the orientation of the merged file.

The fact that it "shatter" if you do "split object" is normal, it's splitting the object into its "triangles" (which means a whole lot of triangles in your case).

Hope it helps.
Hi, Jeremy.

Maybe I'm missing something, but if I right-click only one .stl, I have the Change support option at the context menu (see RDK1.png).

But if I select tow or more .stl files, I don't have this option in the context menu anymore (see RDK2.png).

I've tested this situation on two different machines, and the results are the same.

Any ideas?

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Hi massula,

Can you make sure that your version of RoboDK is the latest?

"Main menu" -> "Help" -> "Check for updates"

Hi, Jeremy.

I'm using 4.0.1, on Ubuntu 16.04

I've checked for updates right now, and RDK informed me that version 4.0.2 is available. I will try that.

Hi massula,

Did it work?
I'm not using the Linux version, so I can't really check.
"Change support" for multiple object at the time is very new feature that I recently requested. It was added 2 weeks ago max.

Have a great day.
Hi, Jeremy.

Sorry for the delay.

I could'd update RDK on my Linux machine yet, but I did a test on a Windows box, using a sinple equipment, and the Change Support command worked.

I will try it on that other cell asap.

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