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Blend Radius UR robots

I'm wondering what's the minimum value of Blend Radius, for the following commands: moveP and moveL (UR Robots).

Thanks for the reply!

Hi there,

For UR robots things are a bit different than for other robots.
If I'm not mistaken, the minimum blending radius needs to be 50% or less of the smallest distance between two points in the program.
If you put more then that, the controller get confused.
Let me know if it works.

Have a great.

Thanks for the reply.

Are there any restrictions on use as regards the minimum values of these blend radius.

I have found that for the moveP command, the blend radius can be min. 1.0 mm - is this the right information?

What is the minimum blend radius that can be used for moveL command?


Hi Mitja,

The minimum blend radius for Universal Robots is 0. This means you deactivate the blending/rounding effect.


Thanks for the reply.

If I set the BLEND_RADIUS_M = 0.00005 m (default is 0.001 m) in the post-processor Universal_Robots_URP, then I get this in the generated robot program:
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069905, -0.009904, 0.000001, -3.102371, 0.494868],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069810, -0.009935, 0.000001, -3.103188, 0.489717],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069715, -0.009966, 0.000001, -3.103996, 0.484570],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069620, -0.009996, 0.000001, -3.104795, 0.479429],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069525, -0.010026, 0.000001, -3.105583, 0.474294],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069430, -0.010055, 0.000001, -3.106362, 0.469164],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069335, -0.010085, 0.000001, -3.107132, 0.464039],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)
movep(p[-0.270000, -0.069240, -0.010114, 0.000001, -3.107892, 0.458921],accel_mss,speed_ms,0.000)

blend radius is 0. Why then do not take into account the setpoint of BLEND_RADIUS_M in Postprocessors.


Hi there,

Currently, the UR post processor only output blending value with three decimals.
So theoretically, the minimum Blending radius is 1 mm.

You can always modify the behavior of the UR post processor by editing it for your needs.
The "blend_radius_check" function is where you should apply your modifications.
Note that we do not guarantee that it will work properly on the robot with smaller values.

Have a great day.

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