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Brick Laying Gantry

I am designing a Brick Laying Platform. I would like to code it entirely with the Python API. The file is attached. 
The issue I am facing is that the gantry is able to pick and place the first brick. But it does not place the second brick. Ideally I would like to have the brick laid out in rows, columns and layers to build a complete wall.
Would request help on what I may be missing in my code to pick and place all bricks copied from the original.

.rdk   Brick_Layer.rdk (Size: 337.74 KB / Downloads: 31)

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It looks like you are not picking the right objects. You should retrieve the complete list of all objects that you would like to pick up by using this function:
obj_list = RDK.ItemList(ITEM_TYPE_OBJECT)
Also, I don't recommend you to use the obj variable because it is a reserved word in Python and it can conflict with other sections of code.

When you attach objects you can configure some settings here:
  1. Tools-Options
  2. Select the Station tab
You can configure the distance allowed to pick up objects.

Another option instead of using the attach and detach functions is to use the setParentStation function which will allow you to move the dependency of one object toward another item (tool or coordinate systems for example).
Thanks Albert, I will do that.

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