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Buffer\Tolerance Setting for Collision Detection

I utilize RoboDK for an application to simulate a planned cutting path to check for singularity or collision issues. This works very well, but the tolerances between the cutting head and the part being cut can be in the millimeter range. Currently a collision is only reported when a clear collision occurs. However, it would be beneficial in my case to define a small buffer of 1 or 2mm to also report "near-misses" as collisions. As some slight variances between simulation and reality are to be expected, this buffer would provide an additional safety factor when verifying a planned cutting path.

I've looked around the settings to see if something like this already exists and did not find anything, but perhaps I missed it. Thanks in advance for your response!
Hi brainchild.

There's an easy way to mimic such a feature with the tools already at hand.

1- Copy and paste your tool or any object you want to increase the Collision Detection Safety Zone (CDSF).
2- Rename new tool for "CDSF - Tool"
3- Double-click "CDSF - Tool" and select "More options" in the object panel.
4- Select "Apply scale" and add a few mm to your part by scaling to 101% (or more if needed)
5- Right-click "CDSF - Tool" and uncheck "Visibile".
6- Open the "Collision map" and check "Include hidden objects".
7- Make sure the "Collision map" settings fit your needs.

Now, if you activate the "Collision detection feature", you should be able to detect collision with the invisible CDSZ.
You can readjust the size of the CDSZ at any time.

I hope it helps.
Have a great day.

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