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C++ AddShape expects Mat(4x4) as vertices (3xN)

I could get this to work with Python, but as far as I understood, in C++ something is wrong.

Look at AddShape API:

Quote:Item RoboDK::AddShape(Mat *trianglePoints, Item *addTo, bool shapeOverride, Color *color)
trianglePoints =List of vertices grouped by triangles (3xN or 6xN matrix, N must be multiple of 3 because vertices must be stacked by groups of 3)

However, Mat is only a 4x4 matrix class!

Quote:class ROBODK Mat : public QMatrix4x4 

How can I use AddShape in C++? What type of value do I need to pass in?
This issue has been fixed with the latest version of RoboDK and the plugin interface here:

You should use the tMatrix2D type to provide your shapes to RoboDK.

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