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CAD Data Intersectin Points with Python

I can split the CAD data I added to RoboDk with the split object command. Can I do this with Python code? Secondly, how can I find the intersection points of these divided objects with python code? Finally, what code should I write to find the outer surfaces of my CAD data?
It is currently not possible to split CAD data using the API.

However, you can find the intersection of points and lines against surfaces by using the function ProjectPoints. You can find more information here:
This is not working ,can't find the right points I send my python code .Actually, what I need is to find the intersection point between these objects after splitting my CAD data.
For example, in the picture I have a CAD data named "kazan", I divided it and converted it into an object. In the figure, " kazan -5" is blue and " kazan -7" is green. I'm looking for a method to find intersections between these two objects. I can do this with the PythonOCC library and the Intersect function, but I don't want to use an external library. I can't do this directly from roboDK. Is it possible? 

I am sending my Python code with image. Here again it gives me all points of "kazan-7" 

thank you for replying

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In this case, you can first process the intersection using the PythonOCC library (and other libraries if needed). Then, you load the new geometry in RoboDK.

This could be an addin and the processing happens in Python behind the scenes.
Thank you, dear moderator. I think it is impossible to do this from roboDK. I can use PythonOCC, but installing PythonOCC is very troublesome, so I cannot use it. I don't think there is a library in itself to process the data on my Cad data. Anyway, thank you.

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