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Hello all,
I am new to RoboDK, and I am currently attempting to create a simulation for a robot tasked with assembling bouquets. The envisioned setup involves flowers moving in a circular pattern on a round conveyor, with the robot situated at the center. The robot's objective is to pick each flower individually and place it onto a cone located on another conveyor to create a bouquet. Despite my efforts to implement this simulation by watching instructional videos, I have encountered challenges and have not achieved the desired outcome. I am seeking assistance from anyone with experience in RoboDK who can guide me through the process of creating this simulation successfully. Your support and guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

You would need to customize the behavior of your conveyor using a Python script. There is no built-in way to have circular shaped conveyors for now.

If you can share more information about your project (RDK file for example), we can try to better help you.

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