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CMD -Loop=1 function not working


Could anyone explain me why this -loop=1 function is not working from CMD? The correct file is already running.

C:\Users\MyName>C:\RoboDK\BIN\RoboDK.exe -RunProg=DrillingPart -Loop=1

Initial command: C:\Users\MyName>C:\RoboDK\BIN\RoboDK.exe "C:\RoboDK\Library\Example-01.b-Robot Drilling - KUKA.rdk"
The Loop option is an item-specific action and it does not work as a normal RoboDK command.

If you save your project with the program set to run in a loop it will automatically run in a loop when you use the RunProg command.
Thank you! Yes, I think that would be the best solution then.

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