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Hello everyone,
I have a query for Albert Nubiola and who can answer me.
I would like to machine a Polyurethane cube with a DOBOT brand cobot, specifically the CR10 with an added rotary axis.
Can be done? I mean if RoboDK would allow me to do this. The polyurethane has a density of 70 and I think it would not be a problem for the cobot.
I am gratefully awaiting your response so I can go ahead and purchase the RoboDK software which I find very good.
I Ivan,

We do not have a working post-processor for the Dobot as of now.
I have a proof of concept, but I will require a bit of work to be fully operational.
If you are willing to work with us, generating the program shouldn't be an issue for us.
As if the cobot can really take on such a task, I never played with a Dobot, so I really can't tell.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

I also would like to use RoboDK with our existing Cobot CR10 robots and need a Post Processor
We are actually using a test license and would buy RoboDK
Is there a version existing since?


Has there been any development for the CR series Post Processor?
I have a Dobot CR 12 that I would like to program with RoboDK for 3D printing operations.


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