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Cable Simulation Plug-In

I noticed in the plug-in menu that there is a file called CableSimulation.dll. Is there any documentation on this plugin?
This plugin was added recently to simulate cables for rails. Make sure to update to the latest version as an older version was added by accident. 

We don't have documentation yet for the cable simulation plugin but you can follow these steps to use it:
  1. Make sure to load the CableSimulation plugin by selecting Tools-Plug Ins or by drag and dropping the DLL in RoboDK.
  2. Open a project that has at least one linear axis (rail)
  3. Right click the rail and select Cable simulation settings
  4. Enter the Segment count (the number of cable segments you would like to use). More segments makes the cable simulation more realistic but it slows down the simulation.
  5. Select Regenerate segments. This should show the cable.
  6. You can adjust the settings if needed and select Regenerate segments if you change the segment count.
What types of cables are you planning to simulate? If you can share your RoboDK project we can help you better.

This plugin was created by @Phillip. It is still under development and we look forward to improving it with your feedback.
Thank you for the quick and informative response. Ultimately, we would love to be able to simulate cables on the robot to check that different configurations do not cause problems. I will definitely check out this plugin in the meantime!
Hello Albert,

I cant find it and I have version. Is it something new?

Thank you for your reply!
Kind regards!
Yes, this addin is somehow new. You can try with the latest version for Windows 64 bit.

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