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Calibrate Reference Frame

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to use the CalibrateReference in RoboDK but I'm not able to input the "joints_points".
I'm using 3 targets to calibrate this, and I thought that I need to put the targets in this way:

    targets_list = [target1, target2, target3]

But it doesn't work.

Also, this function must be in this way?:

frame_to_calibrate.CalibrateReference(...) ?
if not, where do I choose which Reference Frame I want to calibrate?

Thanks for your help!
Hi Nox,
To answer your first question, you must provide points, not targets.

I believe something like this would be more suited :

List_Points = [[x1,y1,z1],[x2,y2,z2],[x3,y3,z3]]

Have a good day.
Thanks for your answer Jeremy,
Now I don't get any error when I use the points, but even if I don't get any error, this code doesn't seem to make any changes on the Ref Frame that I want to calibrate...
What's the correct way of using this function? I don't find any useful example.

I've just solved it :)
Actually this function doesn't calibrate the frame, only returns the calibrated position, so one has to change the position of the reference with this values.

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