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Calibrating multiple Motoman robots connected to the same controller


We have one Motoman/Yaskawa YRC1000 that is connected to an AR2010, a GP180, two positioners, and two mobile carriages that move the robots along a track (all controlled by the same YRC1000). The groups on the pendant are set up as r1/r2, s1/s2, and b1/b2. Everything is on one IP address.

What we would like to do is use RoboDK to calibrate each robot. We have successfully calibrated robots in cells with a YRC1000, a robot, and a positioner. However, when connected to this new robot cell, we are not able to move the robots with RoboDK. When clicking "get position" in RoboDK, the AR2010 in RoboDK updates to match the physical robot. However, we are not able to do the same with the GP180 - get position uses the AR2010 joint states no matter which robot is loaded in RoboDK. And, we aren't able to move either of the robots.

Should we be able to do everything we want to do with the standard MotomanHSE driver? Or do we have to do something custom to get this working with a two robot arm cell?

Hi Matt,

I just transferred your question to the dev who developed that driver.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Hi Matt,

The first time you try a connection with your MotomanHSE it will show an ini file in your log that is used to configure some settings. For this driver it should be here:

In this file you can specify the control group. The default control group is this:

To make sure you use the correct group for the correct robot you can create a copy of the MotomanHSE.exe binary (for example, MotomanHSE-Robot2.exe) and use separate settings file for that driver (for example, link to the control gorup 2) linking that robot to your new driver.


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