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Calibration - DH / DHM - Roboter Position

Hello all,

I have two questions. First, we calibrated our Comau Roboter with a Laser tracker. For our Siemens Sinumerik controller, we need the values in the DH-Matrix form. In RoboDK we get the modified DH-Matrix. In the Robot Parameters I can also see the DH and the DHM. Does a table exist for the conversion, where the calculation is done automatically. Or how does the conversion from the DHM to the DH matrix looks like?
Can I set that the calibrated data are output directly in the DH matrix form?

The second question is, in which roboter position is the DHM Matrix recorded?
Is it in the hook or candle position?

I hope you can help me.
Thank you for your help

Hi Marco,

I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you. To export the robot kinematics for your Siemens Sinumerik controller you should first select the Geometric Simplified option when you calibrate the robot. This will calibrate the link lengths that are non zero and the joint offsets (mastering). This will work regardless of the DH convention you use and it should still be able to improve accuracy.

You can see the DH or DHM table by double clicking the robot and then select Export table. The Export table option is available in the Nominal and Accurate section of parameters.

When you use your own Siemens Sinumerik controller, the zero position of all axes may be far from the mechanical zero, so just mastering all axes properly may be enough for your application. Note that RoboDK by default calibrates many robot parameters and you should not export the kinematics unless you select the subset of parameters that you are planning to export to your controller. 

Alternatively, you can simply generate accurate robot programs from RoboDK (filtered) without having to change the robot controller parameters. Accuracy will be better as all the parameters can be taken into account.


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