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Callibration with the education license

        Hi Everyone,

I am struggling with basic calibration of a UE5 Robot.

My plan was to set the work table (Picture 1) in front of the robot as a reference frame. So I rebuilt the table top in Rhino, sent it via "load Object" to roboDK, moved the origin aproxamately according to the "real world measurements. Then I went to "Define reference frame" and chose the 3 Point method as in the tutorial video, set the points in the real world, pasted them into roboDK and updated the position which got me a completely false position (picture 2).

I can't figure out what went wrong. My only clue is that the Home positions of the robots don't match (real vs. virtual) But I have neither found out if that is related to my frame problem, nor how to fix that if necessary.


Thanks in advance
I can have a look at it if you wish.
Could you join the .rdk file and also give me the 3 points coordinate values?
Sure, that'll be amazing! I only have the coordinates captured in the "reference frame definition" Window. But if you want i can bring the robot back to similar point and take pictures of those coordinates. Should I do that?

.rdk   211208_PlotterWorkstation.rdk (Size: 2.69 MB / Downloads: 255)

oh, here is the rdk file.
So I don't know how, but it I redid the process and now everything's fine!

Best regards

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