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Camera Recorder Script (APP)


I had spent a few hours making a simple script that records in video the image shown in a Robodk Camera.
Its simple to use, just paste the .py file in the Robodk´s script folder or in the new Robodk´s Apps folder -->C:\RoboDK\Apps\Camera_Recorder

Execute the program and it will be prompt you for a reference for the camera, in the next step the seconds you want to record... hit OK.

The output file will be saved in the desktop folder.

The only requisite is OPEN-CV

To install open-cv just type "pip install opencv-python" in your terminal.

The application uses the "RDK.Cam2D_Snapshot()" command, I noticed that this command in high frame captures is to slow and make the app uninestable. 

It is a work in progress app, so it might not be 100% OK.
Thank you!!!
Nice feature, I'll definitely test it!
I forgot to attach the file.... #classic 

.py (Size: 3.11 KB / Downloads: 971)
New version:

Now the screen recording is stable:
To edit the output file settings edit the python file:

Version 2

.py (Size: 3.11 KB / Downloads: 729)
This is really cool. Thank you for sharing!

We integrated a variation of your script as a sample app (file in the Apps folder) so you can easily start and stop recording the screen. Recording also happens from the main screen.

You can test it with the latest version and selecting:
  1. Tools-Load Plug-In
  2. Select Load Plug-In
  3. Select AppLoader
  4. Then you can select Recorder-Record (or use the toolbar)
More information here:

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