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Can I make a step file move like a Mobile platform like KUKA KMP 1500?


I have KUKA KMP 1500(robot is not in the library) step file and I want to use it to bring object/workpiece to my other robot. I just want some basic movements (X Y translations )from KMP 1500.

when I insert it, it is inserted as an object, for which I could not figure out a way to make it move on a certain trajectory. Is there any way to move it from the software or using python api?

I am attaching the link, photo and the step file of the robot.

Link                Photo

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Hey Seth,

I think you are looking for this:
Hi Seth,

DavidG is right.
You can create yourself a 2 linear axis mechanism and move your KMP 1500 using the axis positions.

Have a great day.
Thanks, DavidG and Jeremy for your response. Yes, I have succeeded to make the 2 linear axis mechanism to the robot and it is working fine. However, I must apologize for being greedy but, is there any way where I can have 1 or 2 linear axis and 1 rotative axis to this robot? I could not figure that out. I tried saving it as a 1 linear axis robot and then add 1 rotative axis(and vice versa) to it using the same method but it did not work.

I would appreciate your suggestions.
I'm not certain that I completely understand your question.

But I believe you want to be able to move X and Y (2 linear axis like you already did) and to rotate Z.
To do that you just need to stack a rotative axis on top of the linear one. You global mechanism will be composed of two different mechanisms, the linear one and the rotative one.

Hope it helps.
Hi Seth,

You can stack multiple mechanisms together if you drag & drop them inside the tree. There's no limit regarding the number of axis you can stack together. On the other hand, you'll be able to synchronize up to 2 additional mechanism units and the robot can be attached to one of these 2 (such as an X-Y-Theta mechanism, a 1, 2 or 3 axis linear axis as one mechanism). The other unit can be used as a 1 axis or 2 axis turntable for example.

If you want to model a mobile platform you should not have any issues modelling it as a 2 axis mechanism. If you want the rotation as well (such as a 3-axis X-Y-Theta) you can model and attach an additional 1 rotational axis or we can model the X-Y-Theta for you (a RoboDK Professional license is required).

Another option is to fully implement this behavior using the API.

It is very helpful. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

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