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Can't connect to robot.

I'm having trouble connecting to my meca500.

the ping test in roboDK works. and i can open the robots web interface and operate it as normal.  

when i click connect and then show log i get the text below.  Any advice?

Starting robot driver: C:/RoboDK/api/robot/
Not started
CONNECT 10000 6
Command c GripperOpen: Open Gripper
Command c GripperClose: Close Gripper
Command c GetStatusRobot: Get Robot Status
Command c ResetError: Reset Errors
Command c ActivateRobot: Activate robot
Command c DeactivateRobot: Deactivate robot
Command c ActivateSim: Activate simulation
Command c DeactivateSim: Deactivate simulation
Command c ClearMotion: Clear motion
Command c BrakesOn: Brakes On
Command c BrakesOff: Brakes Off
Command c GetConf: Get robot configuration
Command c GetJoints: Get robot joints
Command c GetPose: Get robot pose
Command c GetStatusGripper: Get Gripper status
Command c GetStatusRobot: Get robot status
Command c Home: Home robot
Command c PauseMotion: Pause robot motion
Command c ResetError: Reset error
Command c ResumeMotion: Resume robot motion
Command c SetEOB(1): Enable end-of-block message
Command c SetEOB(0): Disable end-of-block message
Command c SetEOM(0): Disable end-of-motion message
Command c SetEOM(1): Disable end-of-movement message
I solved this eventually. Robodk was pointed at the system python27 executable which i guess in not compatible. when i pointed it at my python 3 installation it started working.
Hi Chris,

It's strange you had the wrong Python path.
What version of RoboDK are you using? (Help->About)

Anyway, thanks for pointing out the issue.

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