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Can't find a start point

Hello all,

I would like to simulate a carriage moving along a curved path on a conveyor. I have defined a 6 axis mechanism to move the carriage, but when applying the parameters of the curve, the start point cannot be found. I have adjusted the parameters of the mechanism and associated frames but with no success. Please see model attached for reference. Thanks in advance!

.rdk   Conveyor.rdk (Size: 45.25 KB / Downloads: 519)
Hi ryan259,

First, make sure the invisible mechanism can reach every section of the conveyor.
You activate this option (see the picture) to see the workspace of the mechanism.

Then, you can split the curve where you want the carriage to stop by doing the follow :
Right click on the curve -> Split curve -> Split here

You will need to create another curve follow project to finish the path.
Take a look at the station I joined.


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.rdk   Conveyor.rdk (Size: 56.46 KB / Downloads: 372)
Thanks a lot Olivier, that makes sense.

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