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Can't find a start point
Hi Gertjan,

I attached your project solved. I removed your additional axis that represents the rotation. I also increased the joint limit for axis 3. You should flip the Z axis of the tool or add a 180 deg rotation on the tool pose to make the "Teach" button work automatically.

To have this by default you can change this setting:
Tools-Options-CAM-Invert machine tool axis


Attached Files
.rdk   demo_robot v2.rdk (Size: 139.48 KB / Downloads: 158)
Hi Albert,

Thanks for the demo project.
However, now you deleted the 4th axis which we have in the robot. So we do need these rotation values as well.

On the other hand, we mount something to the head so we could set the 4th axis as "tool" as well, if this makes life more easy.
But we need the rotation values to be exported as 4th axis to the robot so I would prefer to have the 4th axis included and mount the gripper to that how I did it.

Is this possible, or am I mixing things up?
Thanks in advance!

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