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Can you conect from custom C# app to roboDK on another computer?

Hello, i am triying to conect my C# + .Net interface whit a robot simulated on another computer in roboDK. I dont know if these is possible. Can you do it? If it is possible, how do you do it? There is any tutorial, pdf or anything to learn how to do these?
You can connect to the RoboDK API remotely from another computer in the same network. You simply need to enable the RoboDK API to be reachable from the outside:
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Select the tab Other
  3. Check the option Allow external API
  4. Select "Allow" when you see a popup from Windows Firewall (immediately after you enable the external API).
These steps are only required on Windows as it requires administrator rights. On other devices (Ubuntu/Linux/Android/...), the RoboDK API server is already reachable from other computers in the network by default, so you don't need to follow these steps.

When you connect from another computer you should provide the IP of the computer that has RoboDK installed when you create the Robolink object, which is your connection to RoboDK.

This example should work on C# and should show a popup message on your remote PC:
Robolink RDK = new Robolink(ip="");
RDK.ShowMessage("The remote connection works!");

In Python it would be:
RDK = Robolink(ip="")
RDK.ShowMessage("The remote connection works!")

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