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Cannot attach object to object


I am working on a small station movement task. However, I do not know why although I have selected many options for attach command (both with "object surface" and "object position", both with the specific from "list" or "any") to the station, when it moves, the object does not move with it. I am really confused what else should I try or are there any features that I need to re-check to fix this issue. I hope to get most applicable solutions to this. Thank you, thank you very much.

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Are you attaching it to the tool which is attached to the other robot?

If you can share your RoboDK project file we can better take a look.

Thank you for your answer. This is the model for this issue. The issue from thread "Target at instruction not reachable" is also included as a part inside this simulation, for your information. Thank you for helping me.

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.rdk   Machining station_4_machining.rdk (Size: 11.28 MB / Downloads: 190)
The 'Measurement tool' (Shift-M) can be used to check the distance between objects.

The actual distance between 'Tool 4' and 'Test_model_2' is 1280.748 mm, but 200 mm was used in the 'Event instruction' parameters.

If you use an object distance of e.g. 1300 mm, everything should work:


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