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Cannot connect ROBODK V5.5.2 with Mitsubishi 6 axis robot

Hello I try to connect the robodk (V5.5.2) with our Mitsubishi robot (RV 7FR D)  controller however the connection window never pops up and always it shows " no robot to connect". I have done the ping test with the robot controller and it is successful. Please see the attached photos.

I have solved the initial problem. Actually I need to bring the robot in the RoboDK window. After doing so I can again do the ping test and it was successful. After selecting the proper port the Robodk software shows ready as shown in the attached figure. However, I still cannot move the robot nor the servo ON command when sent from roboDK turns on the servo. AM I still doing something wrong...please advise.

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Can you provide a print screen of the log window?
Hi Albert the problem is solved now as I connected today. Now I can move the robot using the panel window of ROBODK. I change the joint angles. and then if I press move joint, it moves. However, I am facing some other problems.

1. I cannot effectively change the speed and acceleration of the joints via the parameters button of the panel. Even if I change it does not get enforced in the controller. I had to change it via Robots Teach BOT. Any suggestion will be helpful.
2. Please see the attached file. I have programmed the robot to move in a certain path. I have connected the robot. I when I run the program I was expecting the robot will move in simulation window as well as in physical mode. But the robot does not move physically. How to solve this problem?

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To run programs on the robot you should right click your program(s) and check the option Run on robot. Then, when you run the program it should run on the real robot.

If you have connection issues it is better if you update RoboDK to the latest version and send us the connection log so we can better troubleshoot.

Also, you can right click a program (or multiple programs) and select Generate Robot Program to obtain the file(s) that you can run on your robot controller (in this case you should obtain a prg file for your Mitsubishi robot).

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