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Cant find start point - machining project

Hey guys, I've been learning RoboDK but after spending the last couple days going over the tutorials and documentation I feel a bit stuck.

I'm trying to get my robot to follow a toolpath I wrote in Mastercam but even when it could find a start point, it wouldn't properly follow the toolpath. The more I mess with it and compare it with the examples I feel I'm doing something wrong. My station wouldn't attach (I assume due to the file size from having the model in it), so I uploaded the file to dropbox:

Thank You.
I'm sorry for the delays. I attached your RDK project with some edits to make part of your milling toolpath work. I attached an image with some relevant edits.

I was unable to make the whole toolpath work. It may have gotten stuck between operation changes. What CAD/CAM software did you use to generate the toolpath? It may be better to split different operations as different programs in RoboDK so you can have different robot settings for each operation.

Another option is to use the Smart Optimization option but it takes more time to calculate.

Another topic, how did you export your 3D model? It has so much detail that it creates a very large station. I've simplified the 3D model using Meshlab and a Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation filter to reduce the size (Filter-Remesh in Meshlab).

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.rdk   Station Headbust test-v2.rdk (Size: 15.8 MB / Downloads: 171)
Hi Albert,

Thanks for the help! I used Mastercam to write the toolpath. I made two roughing cuts using a 2D toolpath, I could definately break it down into smaller sections. Oddly, I had issues setting up Mastercam 2023 with the tutorial for it, when manually setting up the post processor, I ended up having to go back to default and just running the batch file from the RDK plugins folder.

I'll see if I can get further with this.

Sorry about that, I use my server desktop to do modeling and forget to lower the mesh quality.

Thank you very much for the tips! I did get it to do a roughing of the first 5 layers and unsure if I hit a small bug. Its like the robot got lazy at 2 or 3 points and rather than go around the part, it cut through it, lol. Keep in mind I have it set to avoid arcs as my ABB controller (S4+) would throw an error 50063 - something about the start/end position of a circle conflict when reorienting. Also keep in mind, I'm using v5.4.0.

I'm going to try to get some arcs by increasing the minimums slowly and see what I get.

Also, how would one orient the head to be perpendicular to the toolpath such as in the attached file? Whenever I try reorienting the head horizontally, it likes to put it inside the part.

Lastly, for the reference frames, should the reference frames of the tool match the orientation of the part/turntable when in their home position or before machining, as my robot has to rotate 90* from its home position to get to the turntable.

Thank you!

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.rdk   Station Test.rdk (Size: 11 MB / Downloads: 176)

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