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Cartesian and joint space don't match

Sorry I contacted you by mail already and then figured it's probably rather a topic for the forum:



we started working with roboDK and it seems as if the provided robots don't match the one, we have in our lab. Our robot is the "KR2100L180 2 S C2 FLR ZH210" from Kuka. We think the provided KR2100 in the RoboDK library don't fit the one we have as all the cartesian coordinates of the robot flange of the simulated model and the real robot are different (>10cm), when we move to exactly the same coordinates in joint space. The world coordinate system of the robot is at factory settings and thus in the base. I've attached to rdk file and the picture of the joint and cartesian coordinates of the real robot.
Do you have another explanation for this, or would you agree, that the digital and the virtual robot differ? And if so, is it possible to add our robot to the library?
Thank you very much!

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.rdk   HybridRobotReal_OneBead2.rdk (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 298)
Thank you for bringing that up, I have attached the fixed version of the KR210 L180-2.

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.robot   KUKA-KR-210-L180-2.robot (Size: 413.05 KB / Downloads: 228)
Great, thank you :)
Well, this really ruined my day. Took me some time and a headache to figure out the wrong DH parameter and now I need to have my tool or the station altered because I can't quite reach the last corner with the real robot...

Well, life goes on.. just wanted to point out, that the KR210-L180-2 from the RDK library still comes with that error.

I'm sorry for that.
I just ask our team to see why this robot was caught in the pipeline and not updated in our online library.

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