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Change Joint Sense for existing robot

Hi everyone,
is it possible to change joint sense of an exisitng robot using Python API?

Doosan robots has not correct joint sense in default models.

Hi Roby,

Can you confirm you are using the latest version of the Doosan robots available in our online library?
Make sure to manually download it from our website:
We had some axes inverted by mistake in the first version of the Doosan robots.

If you still see an issue, can you provide the correct sense of motion?
In any case, you should be able to flip the sense of motion in the Parameters menu of your robot.

Hi Albert,
thanks for your answer.

Yes, even model directly downloaded from the library has some joints flipped.

You can fix as follow: [1, -1, -1 , 1, -1, 1, 0]

Hi Roby,
Thank you for your feedback. We updated the Doosan robots accordingly.
Let us know if something needs to be changed.

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.robot   Doosan-Robotics-M0617.robot (Size: 1.14 MB / Downloads: 387)
.robot   Doosan-Robotics-M1013.robot (Size: 1.14 MB / Downloads: 451)
.robot   Doosan-Robotics-M1509.robot (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 446)
.robot   Doosan-Robotics-M0609.robot (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 431)

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