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Collision-free motion planner and Kuka robots

When i'm generate collision-free map using Kuka robot with the joint axial limit, the map is always limited to the angles between the negative value and its positive equivalent for the first axis.

For example:
possible movement in the first axis: -10°/90°
map calculated for the range: -10°/10°

I am attaching a screenshot, illustrating the problem. For comparison, an ABB robot that works as expected.
Additionally, it is not possible to calculate a map for positive values (eg 20°/90°) for the first axis at all.

Thank you for your help,

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.rdk   robot_comparsion_001.rdk (Size: 2.35 MB / Downloads: 210)
Can I ask for your help?
Because of this bug I cannot make a cell for my robot.
We just fixed this bug with the latest version of RoboDK for Windows. You can download the latest version here:

Thank you for the clear explanation reporting this issue. Let us know if you still have issues.
Everything works great, thank you for the quick fix!

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