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Combining model mechanisms


Struggling with model mechanisms. I have a tailored gripper for a robot that I am going to use at real robot. It has a base frame, where is two linear units that are independent from each other (width adjustment for suction cups). There is also one rotary axis at the end of the base, that is used as end stopper for pieces. I am able to make mechanism for each part separately, and it always makes whole new frame with that particular mechanism, but what I would need to achieve is to make all this mechanisms in this one frame. Any suggestions?

So parts in project are stl files: 

Moving parts: 
Suction cup linear unit 1 
Suction cup linear unit 2
End stopper (rotary axis)
If I understand your task correctly, so it's possible to put all your mechanisms to the one parent frame and then attach this frame to the robot. Also, you can define the pick-point using 'Add Tool (TCP)' (r-click on your robot).

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