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Connecting RoboDK to Staubli CS7-MB with RX60 / RX90 robot arms

I have a couple old Staubli RX60 and RX90 arms that were manufactured in the late '90's.  I'm trying to get RoboDK to connect to the CS7-MB controller to run the RX60.  The CS7-MB is running Adept software.  I understand another user on the forum was able to successfully transfer the code from RoboDK to his CS7 using floppy disks, but my CS7-MB does not have a floppy drive.  It can run in local mode (hard drive) or network mode, however I cannot figure out how to get the CS7-MB in network mode to connect to RoboDK on my laptop.  I suspect I need to install the Adept host software onto my laptop but I don't have a copy of it unfortunately.  Any suggestions?

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